A bit more than a year ago my family and I visited Flora Farms for the first time, and we instantly fell in love. It has a great and famous restaurant a long side organic plantations, a few dogs running around, ten cottages which are super cozy and original. I guess it's just the whole concept of an american farm in Cabo that's so appealing to everyone. 

When we least expected it we where signing a fractional ownership at one of the cottages. I know it's kind of odd since Floras is ten or fifteen minutes away from home, but it has such a special vibe to it, that we just had to experience it.

The subtle things about staying at Flora Farms are what make it a really cool experience. For me breakfast isn't usually a big deal, it's just eating, but at Floras it's such an experience. When you're there you can harvest anything you like; It won't get any fresher than this. Also the kitchen with a 50's stove just inspires you to be creative. I'm not huge on culinary arts, but I must admit it becomes way more interesting when at Floras.

These are some of the photos I took during my first week there.

If you ever visit Cabo, you have got to check this place out.

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