Hello everyone. 

It´s now been a few weeks and I haven´t uploaded anything, I could´t decide on wether I should make this post, because I wasn't happy with my photos from this past weeks, however I created this blog so that someday I can see my progress through the years, and I want to be as honest as posible about it. I´ve also heard that photographers sometimes get this blocked phases, where creativity isn´t flowing naturally. Anyways, I´m going to make a mash up of a couple of photo-shoots, you be the judge. Here´s the story....

About a month ago, my favourite photographer Zack Arias launched his new website www.dedpxl.com which is super-duper-completely-amazingly-awesome. Anyhow, getting over my photo-crush with Zack, what I´m trying to get at is that Zack has this things called assignments. The concept is, he gives some rules and a deadline and you have to go shoot with the rules in mind, you can´t go back to archives. Once we hit the deadline, he gives a review of the photographs, and explains what worked and what didn't. The first assignment was, "LINES". Oh boy did I suffer!

I've been trying to pat myself in the back thinking I've got photographers block, 'cause otherwise I'm really bad at lines!

So the first photo-shoot I went on, was by myself, I went downtown "San Jose", and to the marina in "Puerto Los Cabos" I couldn't for the love of god find lines. I kept trying to incorporate people and lines in my shots, and I sort of got it but it wasn't easy. 

The second shoot was with "the girlfriend". She's not into photography, but I convinced her to go for a walk. I told her I would lend her the x100s, and she could shoot whatever she wanted. She actually liked it. She didn't like waiting too much for a good photograph, but oh well I get it, sometimes it takes way too long, and it does get boring.

These first images are the ones I used for the "LINES" assignment. 

The following images are a few I took both on the photo-shoot I did by myself and the one I did with Sam. 

Unfortunately I´m not really satisfied with my photographs, I don´t hate them, but I feel they´re kinda  ¨meh¨. Let me know what you think, thanks.

I'll be uploading Samantha's photos on a future post, stay tuned.