Hi there! This time I'm shooting my dogs. I didn't have enough time this weekend for a full on photoshoot, but I handled to squish in a couple of hours of doggie posing just before the Oscars (BTW 12 years a slave is amazing!). I shot with the 60d, the nifty fifty and a sigma 10-20. It was also the first time I shot with a octabox, it gives really nice lighting. I got a cheap 30" one on Amazon.(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E8NLOY6/ref=oh_details_o02_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ).

Taking portraits of my dogs got very frustrating, It's really hard to "pose" them, they keep walking out of frame, and so it took me way longer than usual to get a photo I liked. There was another challenge that I hadn't even realised existed. For me a trip, or an event seem easier to shoot just because you have some sense on what the story is going to be, so it's a chronological documentation. However shooting portraits is a much more subjective approach at shooting, maybe even more artistic, you've got to be way more creative, just because telling a story through ONE image seems way harder than through many. That's just me. 

It was good practice for a project I've been trying to do for a few months now. I'm planning on shooting it two weeks from now. Stayed tuned. 

I hope you liked it.

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