This time I'm psycoanalyzing my behaviour towards hobbies, which if I achieve correctly will hopefully give a reason for this post. This is not a restaurant review by any means, "TEMPLO" just happened to be what I could shoot this day.

I've always been the kid that takes on a new hobby every few months, gets his parents to buy the whole kit, wether its, painting, guitar, drums, tennis, and then a few months later decides it's not "his thing", and it's time to store or sell all the new stuff. 

Photography didn't come any differently, I guess the only difference was the price for a good camera was not something my parents would be willing to give me, specially cause they knew my weird "behaviour" with this kinds of things. So I couldn't get a DSLR right away, I got a super zoom instead which I was very excited about. I used it for 4 or 5 months and loved the hobby.

On the sixth month I convinced my parents to pay for half of a DSLR, and I would pay the other half with my savings. They accepted. This camera lasted me for a couple of years, I then upgraded to a new Canon, thinking that I would love videography as a new Hobby (here I go again). Of course I then spent on stuff like sliders, glide-cam, tripod, fluid heads etc... which I've only used once. Even though videography was not "my thing" I kept using the camera for photography. Since then I've gotten myself new cameras and equipment , I'm now experimenting with film and instant, and looking into upgrading to a full frame body. 

What I'm trying to get to is that it's now been six years more or less since my first official-photographer-hobbist camera and I still feel excited about it, I feel like I have so much to learn, and it´s so weird looking back at how many hobbies I´ve quit along the way, yet photography still has my attention. 

I realised all of this a couple of days ago, and it hit me, between my job, family, girlfriend, other hobbies, and just random stuff I´m not shooting enough, and I feel progress will only be determined by practice, therefore I´ll be trying to shoot a lot more, both formal shoots and informal. I want to take my camera everywhere and upload more stuff, and also I want to start and make photo-shoots with friends and family, and treat them as clients, practice pose direction, new website, how I´ll deliver photos etc... 

So these images I shot at a new restaurant in Cabo. It has great ambiance, and extraordinary cuisine, nice and simple. Owned by an Argentinian guy with asian background, a Spaniard, and I think a Brazilian all put together by a Mexican chef that lived and studied in France so the fusion is amazing. 

Any how, a bit of a long post this time.
Thanks for reading.


Thanks for reading.