Sometimes you just can't say no.

Both Rodolfo and Kirsten have been long time friends, and through out their ten year relationship progress and maturity has been evident, to a point where marriage was practically obvious. 

 Less than a month before the wedding I got a call from Rodo asking if I'd be willing to photograph their wedding. Without giving it much thought I said "yes". I then began to question myself, because I've heard so many photographers say that you should never be a guest/photographer. But as I've stated before, sometimes you just can't say no. 

I was nervous and scared of what I was getting into, but in the end, my friends trusted me with one of the most important days in their lives, so I had to excel.

I prepared the technical stuff first, then reviewed a whole bunch of weddings from my favourite photographers, and sooner that I expected I was on the plane to Guadalajara. 

In the end I had a blast, photography never got in the way of me socialising with old friends, in my experience there was enough time for both. Maybe because it was a small wedding, or maybe because I knew my clients so well. What I'm trying to get to is, sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling, break the rules, and use those limitations as a challenge. 

I loved doing this.