A new coffee place in Guadalajara, made me love coffee for the first time. The name, "Matraz". 

I had never been a coffee fan, but I was always interested in the culture, and artistry behind it. My interest only got bigger after reading a new magazine called "DRIFT". It is a magazine devoted to coffee culture with amazing photography, and short articles covering the stories behind the most amazing coffee places within the city chosen for that issue.

Whilst in Guadalajara, Mexico, I knew I had to give coffee a second chance, and finally define my awkward relationship with this popular commodity. I now define it as "love".

I decided Matraz would be the place to try coffee again. The shop is in a small residential street a block or two off a main street, it has two tables outside, four on the inside, and the two owners run the whole show. 

I told the owners "hello, I've never liked coffee, and the words "v60", "Chemex", "aeropress" mean nothing to me. Help please!"  This ended up being a coffee masterclass, Vicente, and Diego the owners, are great guys, and they are so passionate about coffee, and customers. They helped me out with so much information. I feel like it would have taken me months to learn all of this.

Vicente recommended I started out with hand poured coffee, and so I tried  "V60", "Chemex", and "Aeropress". I liked "V60" the best, however I found them all to taste kind of  "watery". In my mind coffee was a strong beverage, with a punch to the face. Later on I discovered espresso, my favorite. 

Then I tried a espresso, and it was "love at first taste". This is what I expected coffee to taste like, and it was perfect. A few days later I tried a machiatto and a latte, and those three are now my holy trinity. Espresso, Machiatto, and Latte I need no more. 

The last day I recorded this espresso extraction.