This time I give you a photoshoot I did for my good friend Marisa. 

This photoshoot had no specific purpose, all that Marisa wanted was to experience what a shoot was like, and have some good photos for herself. I´m not sure that this was a "normal" photoshoot, but it certainly had a nice and relaxed flow, being friends with your subject, certainly helps. 

When it comes to workflow I noticed that it was hard to begin the session, I could't get the rhythm started, but I guess all you need to do is start somewhere. Then there was a good flow for about two hours, and then as we got tired I noticed a lack of inspiration, so we both agreed to stop there. 

There's one more thing she asked for, and we agreed to shoot that next weekend. It's been about two weeks since the photoshoot because weather has been terrible, but we are set for tomorrow, so this post will get an update next weekend. 

Cheers, hope you like them.