Good Question. 

Under no circumstance will I ever tell you that you can´t get better photographers than me (No one can tell you this, even though they do.) 
What I can assure you is that I take photography pretty seriously. I could have gotten into this business 5 years ago when I was just getting the hang of it, but I knew my product was not good enough. So even eventhough I'm just getting started, I believe I've got lots to offer. You won't be disappointed.

My dream is to either be a destination wedding photographer or a commercial photographer for big brands. 
But again, I won't offer my services until they are above the "standard", so I won´t sell myself as a destination wedding photographer or tell you that I shoot for Coca Cola, I'm just a huge fan of photography, and I'm looking to impress. 

I shoot, events, weddings, corporate groups, portrait sessions, products, advertisements and anything I feel comfortable offering a client. 

Just being honest.